HTT provide worldwide after-sales services as such spare and ware parts, reparation, service and scheduled maintenance.
A professional training of use, programming and maintenance procedures of our machines is as a matter of course.


HTT your reliable partner for all your drilling needs.

HTT Germany, part of HTT Global Group, was founded with the goal to provide worldwide high quality machines and systems as well as customer-specific solutions efficiently in the area of ​​Deep Hole Drilling, all in one performance.
Since the beginning, HTT is deeply connected to the deep drilling technology. The constant optimization of our machines, the new development of needs-based systems, as well as the quality of our products are the core of our action.
Reliability and durability of equipment are the basis for the success of our customers.
With our production locations in China and Germany, we are optimally positioned to meet the various demands and needs of the market.
HTT supplies worldwide individual solutions for deep drilling in all industrial sectors such as automotive, medical, aerospace, pellet industry as well as tool-, ship-, and mold.
All over where precision and accuracy are required.



HTT Tiefbohrtechnik GmbH and HTT Maschinen GmbH, parts of the HTT Global Group, were founded with the aim of efficiently offering high-quality deep drilling machines and systems as well as customer-specific solutions in the field of deep drilling from a single source.


HTT delivers worldwide individual solutions for deep drilling in all branches of industry such as the automotive, medical, aviation, pellet industry as well as tool, ship and mold construction.


HTT offers deep drilling machines for the drilling range from Ø 1 mm to Ø 800 mm and a drilling depth of up to 15,000 mm.


With our quality management certificate according to ISO 9001: 2015 and our CE certificate, we stand for the highest quality.